Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Little Spy Comedy That Could

As it enters its third season, NBC's "Chuck" is the little spy comedy that could, saved from cancellation by fan protest, Subway and the sheer force of creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak's wills.

If only any episode of the actual show were as tense and intriguing as the struggle to keep it alive.

I say this with love, because I like "Chuck," in no small part because it is one of a handful of shows I can watch with my children. In many ways "Chuck" is precisely the show many Americans say they want. A clever conceit -- Zachary Levi's titular character is an underachiever suddenly turned into a reluctant super spy -- buoyed by sharp, funny writing and an able cast with an unapologetic PG rating. The violence is kung fu-light, sex is kept mostly in a state of hopeless longing, there is no swearing, no pathologies, nothing more un-PC than the mildly nationalistic tendencies of "real spy" John Casey (Adam Baldwin)."
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