Monday, October 26, 2009

Letter To The New Producers Of The Oscar Telecast

Well the Golden Globes snatched Ricky Gervais for their show this year. Who will the Oscar telecast tap? Some say a return Jackman but some like Mary are hoping for Emmy/Tony wunderkind Neil Patrick Harris.

A helpful letter to the new producers of the Oscar telecast from the television critic at The Los Angeles Times and author of the bestselling Oscar Season and the forthcoming novel The Starlet. One word: vampires.

"The gold standard for Oscar ratings is, of course, the year Cameron's "Titanic" swept. But even if "Avatar" is no "Titanic," the 82nd Academy Awards may be the first time teenagers and young adults have had any interest in the outcome since the glory days of "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King."

So if Shankman and Mechanic are going to go musical, they might want to set up a series of lunches with Ryan Murphy or at least start power-watching his new show "Glee." The Fox hit manages to do precisely what the Oscars should: achieve a tone that is saucy and sincere while honoring disparate forces -- in "Glee's" case, talents like Amy Winehouse and Stephen Sondheim or Journey and Jerome Robbins, often in the same breath. If someone is going to sing "Tonight" at the Oscars, oh, let it be Rachel (Lea Michele) or Kurt (Chris Colfer)."

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